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I saw this and liked it so I decided to do one (okay, it's taken me over 8 months just to get where I am, I'll just keep adding LOL):

1) I've wanted to have LOTS of babies/children all my life.  As a kid, I used to sit with a piece of paper and pencil and calculate out how many children I could have using different starting ages, different age intervals, etc.  At the time, I was sure I'd be starting at 22.  I figured that I could have a baby every 2 years until I was 42 and get 10 kids.
2) I didn't actually get to have my first baby until I was 33.
3) Crafts have always attracted me, when I was younger and more optimistic, I'd spend lots of money on crafts that caught my fancy... only to not do them.  Now I know better... but I finally got myself really sewing by HAND sewing... on a pattern I MADE from looking at another item like it... for my daughter's DOLLS.  For the record, I have two sewing machines, an embroidery machine, 3 large boxes of fabric, an assortment of crocheting needles and yarn.
4) I like the process of crocheting, but after being initially taught at age 11, I still can't remember which stitch is which so doing a pattern is cumbersome because of the time invovled in looking up what each thing means as I do the pattern, but I do love Amigurumi.... there's also the odd point that I don't really care for the feel of yarn. LOL
5) In my 30s I realized that an issue I'd been fighting with all my life is undiagnosed ADD (not the ADHD which gets a lot of attention- I'm so very not hyper).  It's with me every day, and a lot of the time I wonder what I could have done/been without it.
6)  I love to read and can get very caught up in fiction and non fiction.  When I was young I used to look forward to the challenges each year to see who read the most books.  I don't remember if I ever won... I didn't care. LOL
7) In high school, my counselor insisted that I not take Ceramics as I'd requested, but instead take an Animation class (iit was "college prep " and would look better on my transcripts).  I took that class, but had no talent, so the teacher ended up using me to help him handle the clerical duties.  I worked as his secretary at the school for 4 years, left for a year, came back and at that time he got a job at a big entertainment company, and had me come work for him there (in 1995).  He left in 2000, I stayed until January of 2011... 16 years total.
8) I always secretly thought/hoped to be a wife and stay at home mom.  I say secretly because when I was growing up in the 80s, if a girl said that she was immediately smacked with "but you're a woman and you can do ANYTHING".
9) Both my parents were VERY immature, even though they were in their early 30s when they had me.  My dad left when I was 11 and I was happy to see him go.  We haven't spoken in 5 years and I have a stepmom and a 27 years younger than me sister who I like a lot more than I like him.
10) My favorite person in my family was my Grandma, who we called "Mutti"; we lost her in 2006, a month before Moxie got here.
11) I went to different elementary schools for every grade until 5th because until then, we moved every year.
12) I love Gardenias for the smell, Hibiscus and Roses for the appearance.
13) Tikis, Leopard and things that are Tropical tend to lead my style choices.  A lot of my kids warm weather clothes tend to be surfer/hawaiian themed.
14) When Moxie was born, I didn't ever want to put anything pink on her, to the extent that most of the folks at my baby shower knew this and commented about it when I did recieve the ONE pink item I recieved (the poor guest exclaimed "BUT I DIDN'T KNOW!!!").  By the time Truth came along, that was all gone, and you can see all of my girls sporting pink on a regular basis, in fact, it's one of Moxie And Truth's favorite colors.
15) As a kid, books were a financial weakness, in my 20s "stuff" was a financial weakness, in my late 20s, early 30s "stuff" and clothes were my financial weakness.  For the first few years of my kids lives, clothes for my girls and toys have been my financial weaknesses.  And now I'm trying to get past having SPENDING as a weakness... and it is so hard.
16)  I've never been a 'phone person... I almost never call anyone, and in truth, a good deal of the time, the 'phone ringing annoys me, even if I actually am happy to hear from the person once I pick up the 'phone.
17)  In my 20s/early 30s Instyle was one of my favorite magazines.
18)  I lost my virginity at 21, I had my first boyfriend at 24 (and no, I didn't transpose the numbers LOL).
19) I'm particular about the look of the leopard print I like, not just any will do.  It really annoys me when leopard print is done "badly". LOL
20) Attention whores irk me in a really irrational manner. 
21) I like artificial grape flavoring in things... Gatorade, Alexander the Grapes, Koolaid, Bubblegum, Jolly Ranchers.... you get the idea :).
22) I've been heavy over 1/2 my life, with a "thinner" break between 24-28 and 30-32. 
23) When I was a kid I used to dream of being a witch, right after I dreamt of being a mom.
24) I don't have a favorite color, animal, flavor, food, song, band... there are just too many I enjoy.
25) In the last few years things I've really liked have started changing.... I used to love Mint Chip Ice Cream... now I tend to get Coffee Heath Bar Crunch when I partake.
26) I'm Canadian by birth and I still identify that way, even though I haven't lived their full time since I was 6.
27) My grandmother used to love dolls, and was still getting them for me when I was 15.... I'd pick them because I loved dolls too... still do.
28) I have really weak nails, I spent years trying to strengthen them with different supplements and cosmetic treatments.  I finally came to accept it right before Moxie was born, and haven't painted my fingernails since.  I cut them short every few days.
29) I love the ocean and the beach.  I love the sound of surf hitting the sand.  The negative ions always have a positive effect on me.
30) I think I would have made a good teen mom and if I could go back and change it with the proviso that I'd have met the right guy("soul mate")... I probably would (granted, given 51-53, I'd probably be one of those women with 20 kids by now LOL).
31) I've never liked parties or clubbing, though I do like cool looking kitchy bars and tropical drinks I can't taste the booze in.
32) I love eating "good" food; I wish I could cook it.
33) When I was young I wanted to be a writer, but then as now, I have a hard time getting what's in my head down on paper "right".
34) I love doing picture puzzles and have no less than 16 glued, and framed in my home.
35) I bought every Harry Potter Novel after #3 on the first date of release... either by Fedex or by Target at 8am on the way to work.
36) I never have liked jean jackets for myself, then I bought one at 28, wore it for three years almost every day... and now don't like them again. LOL
37) If I didn't have ADD and had more patience... I'd homeschool my kids.
38) I'd love to homestead on a big plot of land in a big old victorian house, in the middle of nowhere...within 45 minutes of the ocean and have a green thumb.
39) I have a puzzle of a poem I've been working on for 4 years... it's calligrafied writing and takes me forever to find a piece...but I can't bring myself to abandon it and move on.
40) I love Disneyland, and had a year round pass to go there Until I left So.Cal.
41) If I carried wieght well, I wouldn't mind being heavy.  Unfortunately, I don't carry it like woman who gets fuller when heavy, it just sort of hangs, making me look puffy and haggard instead of Rubenesque. 
42) I've loved Sherlock Holmes since I was a kid.  When I went to London, I went to 221 B. Baker St. which wasn't a real address at the time, but they've made it into a Sherlock Holmes flat for tourists :).
43) I love vegetables, especially when they're prepared ethnically.
44) My first musical love was classical music.  I find it feeds the imagination.
45) I've loved reading Mrs. Piggle Wiggle since I was in the 4th grade, I'd check out the books and read and reread them.  I think as much as I liked the fact that Mrs. Piggle Wiggle was a witch, I liked the picture of 50s families I'd get in my head from the stories.
46) I like to look at seashells, but was raised with the belief that it is bad luck to bring them away from the ocean.
47) My kids are everything to me, and I tend to spoil them more than I should because I always imagine how cool it would be for them to be able to play with certain toys... which means they have an asinine number of toys and like to play with household items and rocks. LOL
48) I love Tikis in artwork, but I'm as picky with them as I am with my leopard print.
49) I aim to drink eight 10 oz glasses of water a day, half the time I don't get through one.
50) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mr. Pibb.
51) I love sex.  When pregnant, I'm insatiable and trying to get pregnant turns me on incredibly.
52) I love being pregnant.
53) I love kids.
54) It's probably a good thing that I believe a man has a choice in having a child. LOL
55) All my babies were planned and took upwards of five months of "trying" to conceive, to the extent that I didn't think I could get "knocked up" (stupid of me, I know)... I'm 41, and expecting my first "surprise" in June. LOL.
56) I went to community college for 4 years because I couldn't figure out what I wanted to major in; when I got my first job with my company, when I went to withdraw I found out I'd earned a degree I didn't know about the semester before LOL.
57) In real life I curse too much.
58) I haven't ever found a mother figure....I hope to God my girls never t feel the need for one.
59). Sometimes I think I must have had a wonderfully loving and intimate relationship in another life, because for some reason I know what it feels like even having not experienced it in this lifetime.
60) I've never enjoyed parties; I have a bit of social anxiety - between that and the ADD, even when I know everyone, parties overwhelm me.  I like smaller get togethers.
61) I tend to have individual celebrity crushes that go for years... though I am embarrassed to admit to them.
62) I love nature, though because my dad was such a nutjob, I tend to get intimidated by the thought of hiking or camping.
63) My father had rage issues, and I'm sad to admit that I always seem to have anger a bit too close to the surface.
64) I'm patient because I tend to forget wrongs in the moment.
65) When I was in my late teens and early 20s, asian cultures fasinated me.  I'd watch programming and go to movies, but didn't know anyone else who held the same interests. 
66) I can discern Korean, Mandarin, Japanese and Vietnamese by ear.
67) Z and I rarely ever fight.  If we get into a disagreement, we tend to apologize to one another very quickly and get past it.
68) I tend to be very polite, rudeness bothers me a lot.  I used to love reading "Miss Manners" in my teens.
69) I can smell B.S. at 10 paces.  My old boss used to ask me what I thought of people he'd met with after they left, because he said I could sniff out "wieners".  At times, it makes going through life around people frustrating. LOL
70) I'm very empathetic and understanding, to the point that frequently it depresses me, because I make an effort to understand and work with others... and am rarely extended the same courtesy.
71) I've never been close to my mother or father.
72) The older I get, the more I realize just how much I don't fit in this world.
73) I have no close friends that I see or speak to frequently... and I'm okay with that.
74) I used to love pets... but my allergies have basically made it so the idea of them turns me off.
75) I identified as Goth when younger, but gave it up because I don't do drama, and don't like to be around it, and being that focused on my appearance bothered me LOL
76) I have a soft spot for Lolita and Steampunk fashion, though not on me.
77) I inherited lousy teeth, and have fillings in most of them and a lot of my dental work is starting to wear out now that I'm older (fillings don't last your whole life... who thought that was a good idea?)
78) I love checking out books from the library, to see if we like them, then buying them used from small booksellers on Amazon (click on "used avail at").
79) Sometimes I like to read trash magazines (People, US, Enquirer)... but then I feel guilty about being so vapid LOL.
80) I love music from the 1940s, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Big Band "Featured" Singers like Doris Day, Peggy Lee and golden era Danzon music.
81) I grew up the daughter of two immigrants who didn't pass on ANY traditions, for that reason, I have several I've started with my kids.  Every year we go to Oktoberfest to eat German food and listen to Oompapa bands, we make cookies for Santa and write a letter, we have pictures taken every 3 months, we go trick or treating,  we go to the pumpkin patch to choose pumpkins for Halloween.
82)  I've always wanted to know how to sew, but didn't get the hang of it until 2010... but because I was optimistic, I have a large box of fabric and another large box of patterns... it's pretty neat now that I can actually make them LOL.
83) I want this 4th baby as much as I wanted the 1st, 2nd and 3rd... I'm proud to say I always wanted my kids.
84) Growing up, I used to love Pippi Longstocking movies with Inger Nilsen... I sought them out on DVD when Moxie was a baby, and my girls love her too.
85) I love Halloween decor, when I was single, every year I spent a ridiculous amount of money on decorations, so that I have an over abundance of them now... which is cool, because even though I love it all, it's a lot easier to resist in stores... now I'm just a sucker for cute Halloween toys and clothes for the girls.
86) I have realized after moving to the East Bay that I should never live in a land locked place, being more than 45 minutes from the ocean (door to door) makes me VERY cranky.
87)  I love BBC mysteries, and have since I first started watching them as part of the "Mystery" series that once played on PBS and was hosted by Vincent Price and then Diana Rigg.
88)  I'd like to have tatoos, but the process of finding a good tatoo artist overwhelms me and finding a design I actually want to live with my whole life is difficult.
89) I tend to be fairly rational minded and don't "take bait" in arguments, which is funny in the anon communities, where so many seem to be so bored they want to say cruel and inflammatory things... I find that pathetic.
90) I love love LOVE the smell of sweet coconut, anytime I want to mentally escape I go into the kitchen and wash dishes with my Coconut Bay candle and tropical music.
91) If I could choose a singing voice to have, I'm pretty torn between sounding like Adele or Peggy Lee. LOL
92) I realized during my 3rd pregnancy that though I don't have depression issues during pregnancy, I am extremely irritable and short fused when pregnant. 
93) When I finally got married, I had 2.9 kids that were going apeshit from sugar crashes, non matching wedding rings, a semi senile Retired Judge officiating, only two friends in attendance, no family there and we were laughing the whole time... it couldn't have been more perfect.
94) I've never been able to knit with needles, but got some of those knitting circle hoop things from my MIL... I like making hats with them... funny about this?  See #4
95)  I truly believe my forties are going to be amazing... I feel so excited about them.
96) I love older Christmas music and am always happy when the radio, satellite and cable stations start playing it.
97) I have a bin of my smaller clothes...I know I'm going to fit in them for good later this year.
98)  Now that I have kids, my love of Christmas has usurped my love of Halloween... shhhhh!
99)  We moved to the EastBay area, and I really don't like it; I find I miss So. Cal. more than I though I would.
100). This is going to be good, I just know it.