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She has lots of words, frankly we've had a bit of a language explosion since she really got into Dora and Diego. What we don't have is much diction or clarity. Frequently, unless there are context clues or something in the environment, I have to have her "show me" and then I'll have an "ah ha" moment.

Coquitlam, near Vancouver, Canada

Originally posted by vlad_n_van at Coquitlam, near Vancouver, Canada

I have to say, I've been wishing for a way to save recipes and such that I see posted that was less awkward than "memories" and lo and behold, a "share button" appears lol.

I used to live there *points to picture*

Honor when she accomplishes something : "I dih it! Hoo Hoo!!


Life keeps lifing, as an old English Professor of mine used to say. We have the first fundraiser of the year, and I have to admit it makes me reconsider homeschooling for yet another reason LOL.

We also have the annual "Girl Scout flyer getting kids all worked up for a troop that doesn't exist" bit. This year I am going to see if there is enough interest to get a troop of our own going. If not we'll probably Juliette it, as moxie and one of her friends really want to do it.

Z is home for good, no more travel to New York and an extra set of eyes around the house is nice. The negative is now I have someone else to clean up after and I'm doing "real cooking" thereby making a huge mess of the kitchen every day and never catching up... The same is true for the laundry. *sigh*


New (to me) Technology

Z had to replace his old Android phone a few weeks ago, and since the new android for Verizon wasn't yet available, he bought an IPhone 5 with the phone insurance. The new android finally become available, he gave me the IPhone and my old school clam shell phone to Honor to play with, which makes her happy because it lights up and types when she pushes the buttons. I'd held out for a while on getting a smart phone as I don't usually have much aptitude for technology, but I have to admit I'm really liking it, and the range of things I can do with it, I'm actually using it a lot more than I thought I would.


I have come to the conclusion that I just need to stop thinking. When I think about things I get sad or cranky or judgmental and that doesn't really work in my life. It seems like the people I know who are scooting along happily in life are the ones that don't actually let their thoughts go to far below the surface. I'm going to give it a few weeks and see how it pans out.

Things I'm Grateful for - My Independence

I admit this is something that I've been going back and forth with, as I've recognized that frequently my independence keeps me isolated, as I don't tend to reach out to others in order to entertain myself. There are most certainly negatives to being as independent as I am, that said...

I'm really grateful at how much independence I have. I just read a journal entry written by someone lamenting how disappointed they were that no one helped them move... I can get hoping for help, but to actually be "disappointed"? I don't expect help from anyone, don't expect consideration from anyone. When we've moved, I've been very pleasantly surprised when we've gotten help, I most certainly had not expected it (and for the record, I've happily helped a lot of our friends pack and move). I'm happy to be able to plan outings to the beach or parks or what have you for just the girls and I. I like the fact that it doesn't make me sad when friends don't call or invite me to things. The fact is that for the most part, my happiness isn't really dependent on others most of the time... which is pretty liberating, frankly.

Things I'm Grateful for - Toys

I love toys. I've always loved toys... toys have so much potential, I can look at a toy and imagine all the ways it might be played with. I can (and have) spent hours wandering a toy section. As I kid, I'd spend hours looking through the FAO Schwartz catalogues or the toy sections of the BEST catalogues that would come to our house, circling the ones I liked especially in marker and then look at them again and again. I always loved Toy stores that were especially picturesque, my favorite was the toy store attached to Pea Soup Andersen's in Buellton, CA in the 80s. It had windows with scenes from different Andersen's fairy tales and a mix of toys from mainstream Mattel to obscure things from different parts of Europe. I looked forward to going there whenever my grandparents would come to visit, and selecting a toy that would forever remind me of those lovely days.

Things I'm Grateful for - the Beach

I love the beach... specifically, I love beaches in warm areas like Southern California and Florida. I love the water crashing or lapping in and out with the tide. I love the smell of the water and the sand and how it's carried in the breeze that goes gently into your nose. I love feeling the water on my feet and the sand under my toes. I love sometimes glimpsing beautiful shells or bounding porpoises or majestic whales. I love the romantic potential of the beach at night, when the moon's glow is bouncing off the water. There's just so much about the beach that feels renewing. I'm so glad to live in an area where I can reach the beach within a relatively short period of time.

Things I'm grateful for... My Kids

I was thinking today about the fact that I have a lot of wonderful things in my life... and I rarely take the time to really acknowledge and get present to them... and how grateful I am that they are a part of my life. The idea is I will blog about one a day, thereby actually taking the time to 1) really meditate on the subject and 2) actually put something in the blog here LOL.

My Kids.

I've known I wanted kids for most of my life. I'd say by the time I was 10 I knew I wanted at least 4. I would actually sit with paper and pen and work out how many kids I would have if I started at age X and went until Y and how many kids would result if I had them at intervals a, b, c, etc. LOL I grew up alone as an only child, not emotionally close to my parents and moving almost every year, and it was very important to me that I should never just have one. I actually had planned/hoped to start relatively young... perhaps 22 or 24 and continue to 44 or 45, LOL.

As it happens, life had other plans. By the time I hit my late 20s... I was seriously beginning to wonder if I'd ever have the opportunity to have children, I actually was in a very bad place in my head about it, not allowing myself to be around kids and actually getting very emotional when others in my circles would get pregnant or have a baby. As I rounded into 32, I had seriously begun to consider going it alone and just having a baby on my own, as it happens, by 33, I'd have my first little girl.

Having kids is something I love.

I love watching them figure things out, I love watching them find wonder and joy in the world. I love how they'll piece things together and then run the their understanding past you, sometimes with incredulity that the world actually works that way. This past weekend I made the questionable decision of tuning the TV to "Shark Week" as I was folding laundry in my room. Truth came by and watched in rapt attention as some Shark Attacks in Lompoc, CA were discussed and when she saw footage of a man on a gurney with a bloodied, bandaged foot being loaded into an ambulance she was asking "what's that red?"... with that answer she came to "did he die?" the answer to which brought her to "Did the Shark try to EAT HIM???"... when I explained that surfers with surfboards can look like a seal from under the water to a hungry shark, Moxie, who was passing the room piped in "That's why I'll never be a Surfer"... LOL I don't want her to rule anything out though, so I said "well, that's why you have to be especially careful and watchful if you are a Surfer" which of course isn't exactly the right answer but I couldn't really get into semantics at that point... to which she answered "yeah, if I'm a Surfer and I see a shark, I'll swim away really fast"...

I love how they obsess about things that they shouldn't... we were hanging out in the front yard and garage yesterday and the older girls were playing with the Barbie house and toys we have in there and we had other toys out as well, and of course the thing that Honor wants to play with is THE FAN that I've set up to pull cooler air into the garage for them. She was standing in front of it, then bouncing a ball with her fist on it, then she was speaking into it and of course, her attentions would continually knock it over. Startled and chagrined she'd scurry away each time, only to slink back to it within moments of it being righted... each time. LOL

I love how sweet they can be, all three of my girls will periodically come up to me for snuggles and affection. Moxie likes to snuggle up to me and ask me to recall how much she preferred her father to me as an infant, along with mimicking of the actions she'd perform when I'd try to snuggle her, as I snuggle her. She will frequently come up to me to "num" my elbow, which involves her pinching and working the loose skin on my elbow. She beams whenever I give her a quick nuzzle or stroke her hair in passing.

I am grateful that I have had the chance to have kids and I adore my kids and am thankful to the universe for them.