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Dress. I really like how this turned out. I used one of my “easy” patterns and some fabric and notions that I’ve had in storage. I like how the colors play together. Modeled by Truth’s doll, Samantha.


I finally finished another dolly item... a flannel nightgown for Honor’s doll, Honor. The fabric was 70% off and had kittens on it... I paid four bucks for two yards. It was my first and likely last time doing tucks.. not the best pattern to use flannel for due to quick bulk, but I’m pleased with how it turned out.

Too much for challenge.

There’s just too much that goes on for us in December for me to even consider a Challenge. I made the velour suit and apron dress over three days while Z’s mom was here. Now I’ve taken on a dolly jammy dress out of flannel that involves making tucks... I’ve never made tucks... I’m on day 3 of said project and no actual sewing has happened yet, *sigh*.

Nov. 16th, 2018

I feel like sewing, but I’m either too tired, have a chore that needs to be done or just have something else I’m supposed to be doing. The girls have the whole week off from school next week and my sewing buddy is coming into town for Thanksgiving (Z’s mom) ; I’m hoping to get a few dresses done while we’re off and relaxing. I have a stash of Christmas fat quarters and ribbon I’d like to make some cute things with.

9 dresses, 1 shirt.

I pulled off 9 dresses since the beginning of September. I’d hoped for 1/week, but some weeks I’m just too tired or distracted. I’d like to give myself a similar challenge for Christmas, but given that I just finished sewing a Halloween shirt I cut out, I’m already behind. As I keep reminding myself, life is a Long Game, so i just have to keep making goals and working towards them.

Modeled by Moxie’s doll, Maryellen.

#9 finally. Another one that’s making me doubt my ability to sew patterns that don’t have the word “easy” in their product descriptions. The bodice portion was just shy of snug and the ribbon kicked my ass. At this point I think my standards are falling to meet my abilities because I like it . LOL

Modeled by my doll, Nina.


Things that Don’t Work

When I’m too tired, my body desperately has me eating high calorie/high carb/ high sugar and no amount of “healthy snacks” can chill out the snacking.

#8. Dude. This dress kicked my ass and reiterated the policy of “no sewing while tired”. I misread which pattern pieces went to the dress I was doing and didn’t realize it until I had stumbled to what I thought was 3/4 of the way through and had to just vamp to completion because the mistakes I made didn’t allow for me to complete the patterned dress which would have actually still had quite a bit more work. I’m pleased with how it looks, but overwhelmed by how extensive the pattern was and disappointed with myself for the loss of momentum.

Modeled by Grace’s doll, Suzy


I’ve been working on another dress, but due to life and chores I’m getting through two steps a night if I’m lucky because I get too tired to comprehend the sewing instructions, LOL

#7. I somehow had never noticed that two of the Halloween fabrics I’ve had all these years had a cat of the same design in each of them. Given that the colors were complimentary I chose to reuse a pattern I used a few dresses ago that calls for complimentary fabrics.I skipped the Bias Tape step again and used a turning trick involving including a long ribbon in the seam of the end of a sash to pull the sash right side out.