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I’ve come to realize that SEWING is actually what works to make me feel better and chill me out. Not working out, not relaxing in front of the TV, not meditation or yoga. It also is the one thing that keeps me from eating like crazy.... I’ve also realized that if I feel like sewing, but can’t because I’m needed elsewhere... I start binging like crazyO.O. I finally got a chance to do some sewing after months of not getting a chance to and I feel so much less stressed and irritable and haven’t been hungry. Perhaps I just need to commit to sewing every morning?



So I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier but I reloaded the LJ App on my phone and what do you know it works again. LOL

Health :/

I weaned Grace a few months ago, just shy of her third birthday in the hopes it would kickstart some weightloss for me.

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Still here

LOL Oddly, I have managed to log into LJ on my phone for the first time in months by going through a link posted on a TUMBLR page; whereas I still can't log in using the actual LJ app, but go figure.

The three girls in school had their last day of school today and I'm so relieved I can't even express it. I'm usually coming into the home stretch in a slide on my face, but this year has been particularly brutal. I started working overnights at Target last October and was doing okay until we moved 20 minutes away from our old neighborhood and I had to start driving to and from the girls school three times a day. I was managing okay before because I'd get home in time to walk them to school and then come home and cat nap for a bit before having to pick up Honor. Housework had fallen off a bit but I was holding it up if a fashion. Then with the move, I was basically in the car for an hour at a time, three times a day; which totally knocked out my productivity.
At this point he's proven again and again that he doesn't think of the family when it comes for money; go for it.

Feb. 29th, 2016

I'm out of sorts today after the news of Lj user Carizma's sudden death last night. She and I became friends in one of the communities years ago and ended up going through a few pregnancies together on here. She was such a caring person and had been through so much in the last few years. I'd really hoped things would turn around for her. I was proud of the woman she'd become and will miss her very much.
We have teeth! First bottom front showed up on her left on Thursday and the second bottom one cut through this morning.
So I think we've just reached such a high overall number in population that the relatively small percentage of people that are crackpots makes for a much larger number of nutjobs on the planet. Between various conservative pundits and politicians acting like there are no rules or expectation that they should keep their behavior within certain perimeters and overall anti-vax, pro militia, ADD deniers and overall I'll-believe-anything -as -long-as-it-is-put-out-there-by-a-fringe-group, I'M contemplating living in a trailer in the middle of nowhere...

Oct. 8th, 2014

Yesterday we had Grace's 4 month appointment. She's 16lbs 14oz and 25 1/4 inches long. She's doing pretty well, though has sensitivities to milk and eggs in my breastmilk and has reflux. She spits up to some degree after every feeding. She's rolling to her right and pulling up on her arms, though she doesn't have the knee thing down yet. She will occasionally scooch forward on her face by moving her legs back and forth or push herself backwards with her arms.


The girls have spring break this week and so far I've managed to do one thing with them a day. We went to the library on Monday, went to a screening of "Bears"put on by the Girl Scouts last night and went out for Dairy Queen today. Tomorrow we're going to a park with a large paved round so they can practice on their bikes. I'd wanted to do some crafts and such but the fact is I spend a couple hours up fighting the desire to lay down until my belly is contracting so hard I have to lay down to calm things. I think we might do some ceramic stuff tomorrow after the park... We'll see.